Areas of Expertise

Strategic Credit Recovery

We have experience in the representation of creditors involving the collection and renegotiation of your credits and we have resolved hundreds of cases, from the most basic to the highly complex.
We are widely recognized for our capacity in the strategic credit recovery, including in our portfolio several successful cases.

We are supported by lawyers and professionals with extensive experience in credit recovery, as well as by trackers, artificial intelligence and researchers. We act agressively and accurately, by identifying and developing judicial and extrajudicial measures to ensure the best advantages to our clients, and aggravating the debtors’ condition, in order to speed up the negotiation of the debts.

Extensive experience in creditors’ defense and credit recovery in extrajudicial and judicial recovery and bankruptcy, including representation in committees, coordination with other creditors, review of recovery plans and lawsuits.

Our differentials are:

  • previous analysis of each debtor’s equity and business condition for definition of the judicial and extrajudicial measures adopted for each case;
  • execution, collection lawsuits, seizures, attachments, searches and seizures, repossessions, requests for bankruptcy and other legal measures;
  • focus on the solution, including negotiation with the debtors and the client, through telephone calls and meetings;
  • search of persons and properties, in Brazil, for previous definition of the debtor’s equity condition and performance of preliminary injunctions and court orders, supported by finders and court officers. Preparation of recoverability reports that clearly and objectively indicates the debtor’s condition and the likelihood of credit receipt;


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