Our History

In 1998, Ronaldo Rayes and João Paulo Fagundes, former members of Brazilian renowned law firms founded Rayes & Fagundes.

Such partnership began immediately after being introduced by a common friend, Cássio Scarpinella Bueno, one of the most recognized specialists in procedural law in Brazil.

João Paulo was an assistant professor of Cássio, and Ronaldo had just left law firm Martins & Sálvia, where he coordinated for a long time the Tax Law team.

In view of the mutual desire to found a differentiated law firm to address the actual needs of the clients seeking for legal support, the partnership Rayes & Fagundes Advogados was established.

A dynamic and modern law firm that emphasizes the quality in the provision of services and the excellence, supported by an environment fully directed and dedicated to each client.

Operating for over two decades, with consistency and recognition, Rayes & Fagundes is focused on the client retention by maintaining the same fees charged on the inception date.


Foundation of the law firm in
Vila Mariana, south region of
São Paulo (SP)


Opening of the branch in the City of Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro.


Launching of the new head office in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Vila Olímpia, with the change of the Corporate and Tax teams.


Participation in two international associations of law firms – ILF (International Law Firms) and Lexwork International.


Celebration of 20 years of the law firm, launching of the head office in the City of São Bernardo do Campo (SP) and change of the office from the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, to Vila Nova Conceição.


Beginning of the activities in the law firm at Rua Líbero Badaró, in the center of the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo.


Opening of the branch in the City of Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais


Closing of the law firm in the center of the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, and concentration of all areas in Vila Olímpia.


Opening of the branch in the City of Campinas, State of São Paulo.


The most experienced lawyers are always on the front line.

For 23 years, Rayes & Fagundes is a reference amongst the law firms in Brazil – which did not happen by chance.

From the beginning to date, our principal commitment is that our clients are always supported by our most experienced lawyers.

The clients feel more comfortable and confident, and receive special attention, building a relationship of partnership and confidence.

By virtue of our recognition in the litigation and corporate areas, our purpose is always our clients’ success and business completion.

And this can solely be achieved by experienced lawyers!

International Coverage

Rayes & Fagundes is a law firm recognized in Brazil and internationally.

Our law firm is a member of Lexwork International and International Law Firms – ILF, two renowned international associations of independent law firms established all over the world.

With such qualification, we offer legal solutions to foreign clients in the conduction of their businesses in Brazil and, in partnership with the law firms, also members of the associations, we meet our national clients’ needs in the internationalization process.

For purposes of consolidation of the international presence and improvement of the advisory services to clients with interests in several jurisdictions, our teams attend to the main legal conferences and international business events in the main cities of the world.



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