Areas of Expertise

Mergers & Acquisitions

Since our inception, we are recognized for the provision of advisory services involving complex merger and acquisition operations, supported by a multidisciplinary and skilled team, with renowned legal background, negotiation capacity and strategic view, in addition to the proper structure to conduct the operations, from the initial negotiations to the activities performed after the business closing.

We advise national and international companies, operating in several sectors, industries and business segments in national and international merger and acquisition operations, including disposals, acquisitions, incorporations, spin-offs and corporate reorganizations, joint venture agreements, business partnerships, foreign investments and consortia.

We offer complete services to our clients and we deliver results. Therefore, we operate in conjunction with the other areas of our office, such as tax, labor, regulatory and real estate law areas. Our clients comprise publicly- or privately-held large companies, strategic investors, private equity and venture capital funds, family groups and startups.

In the context of the merger and acquisition operations, we actively participate in all stages of the project, namely:

  • Due diligence
  • Operational structuring
  • Definition and analysis of guarantees
  • Negotiation of preliminary and final agreements
  • Management of final agreements and monitoring of contingencies and items pending resolution after closing of negotiations
  • Advisory in litigation after closing of negotiations

We support our clients in the definition of the proper legal structure for investments in Brazil, proposing alternatives, such as the acquisition of equity interests, establishment of Brazilian subsidiaries or long-term loans and financing; advisory services in the structuring and proper language of the transaction, including the preparation and negotiation of agreements to document the operation; consulting services for foreign investments, including the appointment of legal representatives before Brazilian authorities, obtaining of authorizations for foreign executive officers and employees, analysis of the risks related to the investee and preparation and negotiation of the necessary investment documents.

Our lawyers advise the structuring and performance of foreign investments, through the Brazilian company’s equity interest in the foreign company’s capital, including the provision of products and services to other countries.

With partners in several countries, our office offers complete advisory services, including analysis of applicable legislation according to the investment in the respective country, in which case our clients receive the necessary support for performance of the requisites established by the governmental authorities, such as the presentation of the declaration of Brazilian investments overseas, annually submitted to the Central Bank of Brazil.


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