Areas of Expertise

Business Restructuring

Supported by a multidisciplinary team, including experts in business and litigation areas, we offer our services to several stakeholders in the insolvency, extrajudicial and judicial recovery, and bankruptcy activities.

We advise debtors in the development of strategies and renegotiation and extrajudicial and judicial recovery activities.

Our services include:

  • judicial and extrajudicial recovery, and bankruptcy activities, acting on behalf of investors, creditors, partners, shareholders, directors and executive officers;
  • preparation of memoranda and reports relating to the application and consequences involving critical situations, addressing issues such as succession, disposal of assets, credits included in and excluded from judicial recovery, condition of directors and executive officers, risks of non-consideration of the legal personality, tax aspects, among others;
  • review and direction of the practices for evaluation and reduction of risks to directors, executive officers and shareholders in the context of financial crisis;
  • advisory services to shareholders involved in corporate conflicts due to companies in crisis.


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