Our Labor practice plays an essentially preventive role. By explaining the laws and the position of the courts and supervisory bodies, it provides clients with information that allows them to make safe business decisions.

Our Labor team has been advising clients on a diverse range of matters and providing them with full support in structuring benefit plans and designing variable compensation plans, profit sharing and stock option plans, among others.

With extensive experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements with trade unions, our team also represents clients in class action matters, such as employee time tracking by exception and employment disputes of economic nature.

With national coverage, deep knowledge and broad experience in solving the most complex labor disputes, we have a team of top-ranked professionals and the appropriate structure to represent clients, as well as the ability to handle a large number of lawsuits with labor courts.

Labor and Social Security Litigation
The firm represents companies and individuals in lawsuits related to labor and social security law, both in individual and class actions, such as public-interest civil actions and employment disputes.
We pride ourselves on our expertise and broad experience solving the most complex labor disputes at national level. We also offer the structure needed to handle a large amount of cases, whether through our extensive network of lawyers, case management system with remote access for clients, digital document files and in-house estimators to calculate the amounts in dispute and liquidation of the award.
Collective Bargaining
The firm has been recognized for actively representing clients in matters related to preparing, reviewing and negotiating collective bargaining topics, such as profit or income sharing plans, voluntary dismissal programs, employee time tracking by exception, wage settlements, among others.
We also have an extensive track record representing our clients at all stages of collective bargaining agreements with employers and trade unions.
Benefit Plans
We guide our clients in designing employee benefit programs that fulfill legal standards while ensuring greater employee satisfaction, without impairing the company's economic efficiency and results.
In addition, we offer comprehensive assistance in devising and implementing variable compensation plans through profit and income sharing systems and devising stock option plans and complementary private pension plans. Our lawyers coordinate with our tax and social security law teams to identify the most efficient structures in different scenarios.
Labor Relations
Our labor and employment team stands out from other law firms due to its highly preventive approach. Aware of the high labor costs that burden businesses and entail substantial liabilities, our team focuses on prevention with the aim of explaining the laws, the position of the courts and supervisory bodies and of providing all the information that managers need to make safer decisions.
We offer a broad range of services, including:
• studies and opinions on employment contracts (also for the hiring of foreigners);
• advice on individual and collective dismissals;
• review of the routines and procedures adopted by the company's personnel department to assess effective compliance with rules and identify any labor contingencies;
• assistance in developing corporate reorganization plans aimed at reducing labor costs;
• legal advice to human resources departments;
• proactive approach with the Ministry of Labor and Employment (regional labor authorities – DRTs) and the Labor Prosecution Office to defend the interests of companies in inspections, investigative procedures and civil investigations;defenses and appeals at administrative level and advice on negotiating consent decrees (TACs).