Areas of Expertise

Labor and Employment

Our professionals are able to present solutions and represent companies and individuals in labor-related and pension-related lawsuits, both in individual lawsuits and in class actions. We work in crisis prevention and management.

actions in clarifying legislation, the correct posture before courts and inspection agencies, in order to support clients with information they can leverage to make better business decisions.

Our labor team provides assistance to clients on a wide range of topics, and full support in structuring benefits plans, preparing variable compensation plans, profit sharing, stock option plans, among others.

Vastly experienced in collective agreement negotiations with unions, our team is also highly competent in representing clients facing collective claims, such as exception timecard systems and economic-based collective decisions.

With a nationwide coverage, we are knowledgeable and effective in solving the most complex labor disputes, offering the adequate support and structure to represent our clients, including in cases with large volumes of lawsuits filed before the Labor Courts.

Our actions are multidisciplinary in nature and integrated with the other areas of law, such as corporate, tax, contracts and intellectual property, which are relevant to employers in Brazil.

Our law firm represents companies and individuals in lawsuits relating to labor law and pension law, such as class actions and collective decisions.

Having a nationwide reach, we are proud of the knowledge and experience we bring to resolving the most complex labor disputes. We are structured to work on large volumes of lawsuits, with an extensive network of correspondent lawyers, a lawsuit management process clients can access remotely, digital document files and our own accountants to accrue contingency amounts and to settle any values enforced.

The main objective of our labor agreements cell is to reduce our clients’ liabilities, working to achieve the highest possible savings and effectiveness in closing lawsuits.

Our professionals are specialized in the true art of labor agreement negotiation.

We measure our effectiveness with individualized reports that can vary according to the needs of each client.

Our law firm is a leader in actively representing our clients in the preparation, analysis and transaction on matters relating to collective negotiation, such as profits or results sharing plans, voluntary dismissal programs, exception timecard system, salary collective negotiations, among others.

We are also widely renowned for our experience on all stages of negotiation in collective agreements and conventions both with employers’ associations and trade unions in working towards the interests of our clients.

Our law firm provides counsel to our clients in structuring employee benefits programs adequate to legal standards and that provide greater employee satisfaction while at the same time supporting economic efficiency and company results.

We also provide full support in preparing and implementing variable compensation programs by way of profits and results sharing schemes, creating stock option plans, complementary private pension plans, always interacting with our law firm’s tax and pension law practices in identifying the most efficient structures in different scenarios.

Our law firm assesses and provides guidance on filing pleas and administrative appeals relating to FAP (Accident Prevention Factor).

These assessments are very detailed and help companies to reduce the fiscal burden to which they are subjected.

Our expertise allows us to safely and efficiently respond to varied consultations regarding Brazilian labor legislation, focusing on analyzing and optimizing procedures within our clients’ human resources departments.

We are for example capable of supporting our clients in implementing benefits policies, preparing labor agreements – including for expats – and also take part in due diligence for the acquisition, sale or merger of companies related to our clients.


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