Social Responsibility

We are all responsible for the construction of a better world, with more respect, comfort and justice.

We, as a law firm, could not ignore this fight, as our foundation is JUSTICE.

We are committed with ethical and transparent conduct and behavior, directed to the development of our society, in order to reduce the environmental impacts and social differences, respecting the diversity.

We are based on three pillars that direct our Social Responsibility Program:


donation campaigns, free legal services, advisory program to law students


Gender, age, LGBTQ+, race


Actions undertaken to protect the natural and work environment

Social Actions

Our purpose is to connect the society, social organizations and persons, creating a cooperative community and engaging our partners, associates and community.

Our social responsibility reminds us about the need of helping people, through the promotion of creative action of social engagement, incentive to the voluntary work and contribution for the transformation of the most vulnerable lives.

Accordingly, we developed the following actions:

Free Legal Services

The practice of law was originated free of charges. In this regard, we could not fail to exercise our profession in its most pure condition.

We have entered into legal advisory agreements, free of charges, with the Ame and Projeto Arrastão organizations, which services benefit the entire community.

Ações Sociais

Donation Campaigns

Our social responsibility demands our help in relation to those who are marginalized by our society.

We have an annual cycle of campaigns, promoted internally and externally, in order to obtain inputs for donation, such as hygiene and health materials, food, books, toys and clothing.

Advisory Program to Law Students

We have entered into a partnership with AJJM – Assistência Judiciária João Mendes, a non-for-profit institution composed of law students from the School of Law of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

In order to prepare them to exercise their profession, focused on the soft skills required from the lawyer in the market, we donate lectures and workshops relating to several matters focused on the development of the career as a lawyer.

Ações Sociais


Ações Sociais


We are an innovative law firm that always seeks for creative solutions for our clients.

We seek for professionals with diversified experiences, views and references. Therefore, we are timeless and we are able to serve our clients with attention and excellence according to each profile.

In this regard, we have specific programs for the inclusion of all ages, from apprentices to the elderly.


Brazil is a country of diversity in terms of races and origins We recognize the structural issue in Brazil that impacts, mainly, the life of black people.

Our commitment with diversity is not solely internally, however with initiatives in relation to our partners and community, including policies that promote the ethnical diversity in our work environment, positive actions for participation and social and ethnical inclusion. Such actions are essential for the construction of a more comprehensive knowledge, in addition to contribute directly for the reduction of the differences, corroborated by a public policy already adopted in Brazil to fight against the racism.

Ações Sociais


Aware of the discrimination by virtue of the sexual orientation of each one or the gender identity, we ensure a welcoming environment of liberty to our professionals, where we accept the different characteristics and lives of each one, which allows a complete development.

We believe that, for purposes of inclusion of the LGBTQ+ persons in the companies, the issue must be seriously addressed, through concrete actions for the attraction, retention and engagement of these professionals.

Supported by several measures, our purpose is to create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment; therefore, the professional can be herself/himself not solely outside but also inside the corporate environment.

Gender Iguality

We believe that the companies also play an important role in the construction of the gender equality in the world.

Our law firm had been always composed, mainly, of women.

Currently, we count on 70 lawyers, of which 51 are women; many of them improved their professional career in our office, such as our partner Lígia Azevedo Ribeiro Sacardo.

We are very proud of this representativeness.


We are looking for constant improvements!

We believe that, solely with ethics, awareness and environmental responsibility, we are able to build a sustainable society focused on the future of our planet.

In our daily activities, we adopt simple measures that will make a significant difference over the years, such as:

  • We use of natural light to avoid wasting electric energy;
  • We adopt the paperless routine;
  • We use LED lamps;
  • We continuously perform the maintenance and improvement of our equipment;
  • We properly dispose scrap and solid waste;
  • We promote the conscious consumption amongst our associates and clients;
  • We make conscious choices and we prefer the use of parts made with recycled raw materials.
Ações Sociais


Donation of native seedlings in connection with a awareness action to emphasize the importance of the plantation and care of native trees, in addition to the importance of trees to the environment and improvement of life quality.


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