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Renata Cavalcante de Oliveira


Specialist in business relations of a civil nature, she has been working at the firm for over 13 years in strategic litigation and credit recovery cases. She has already worked in the legal department of a financial institution, which brought her a bold vision of the business and a deep understanding of what clients seek in partner offices. She served large customers from different industries in the business market, including banking, information system, logistics and food. She has already led the negotiation of highly complex agreements. Author of several articles and periodicals published in the legal media in general.

  • Lawyer of a large ore cargo logistics and transportation company that had its contract terminated without cause by the supplier due to impacts resulting from the economic downturn in China at the time. She could demonstrate to the judge that the termination caused severe losses to the company due to the investment required to fulfill the contract. Thus, after we filed a collection action, the parties entered into an agreement within six months after filing the claim, whereby our client received 80% of the amount claimed, which was approximately BRL 10MM.
  • Filed a lawsuit against the public authority due to non-compliance with a services contract in the information technology industry. Monitored the sale of a court-ordered payment of judgment debt owed by the government to a leading client in the technology industry to an investment bank. The court-ordered payment of judgment debt owed by the government totaled BRL 40MM and our client received approximately BRL 30MM, after we reviewed the transaction and provided our advisory.
  • Filing of a collection lawsuit with claim for repossession of approximately one thousand vehicles owned by the customer that outsources the fleet, in view of the breach of the contract that had been executed. After we filed the lawsuit, with a persuasive way of recovering the credit, the debtor executed an agreement with us for the full payment of the debt divided into three monthly installments. The value of the case in dispute was approximately R$ 10MM.
  • Specialist certificate in business law from Insper.
  • Specialist certificate in contract law from PUC/SP – COGEAE.
  • Bachelor of Laws from FDSBC.

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