Areas of Expertise


Our skilled and updated team supports local and international clients in the matters related to the companies and respective businesses, including operations and transactions of different types and sizes, in the corporate routine and preparation of compliance programs.

The corporate area offers advisory to several corporate transactions and reorganizations, including all corporate and other agreements.

We operate actively in the negotiation, wording and signature of agreements, advisory in trademark and patent right, competition right, capital market and public agreements and bidding processes.

We are recognized for our operations in several sectors (e.g., technology, pharmaceutic, telecommunications), in addition to our experience in the advisory of high income persons and families, in the context of succession and equity planning.

We offer advisory services to national and foreign companies of several sizes and sectors, including services that cover all corporate aspects, such as:

  • advisory in the structuring and restructuring of different types of corporate partnership;
  • preparation, negotiation and review of corporate documents;
  • advisory in the management structuring, mainly in relation to the implementation of corporate governance practices and definition of the management’s responsibility;
  • legal advisory in the establishment, regularization and monitoring of the companies, from the obtaining of the authorization or registry with the governmental bodies (Board of Trade and Brazilian Federal Revenue Service) to the performance of the legal obligations, such as bookkeeping of the corporate books and representation of the shareholders at meetings.

Our team is supported by specialized lawyers, whose experience has been obtained with the practice in retail banks, investment banks, fund managers and other financial institutions regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

In view of our extensive practical experience in the structuring of the several banking transactions (assets and liabilities), investment vehicles, debt instruments, private banking and wealth management, recognition of complex guarantees and custody of assets, our law firm offers to our clients full service legal advisory in the financial market, supporting our clients both in terms of structuring of operations and daily business issues, such as:

  • corporate acts, operations and reorganizations of financial institutions, asset managers, investments consultants and other entities authorized to operate by BACEN or CVM;
  • contractual and regulatory legal advisory for banking operations (assets and liabilities), such as loans, financing, deposits and deposit certificates; fundraising by means of debt instruments, complex guarantees, escrow accounts and others;
  • recognition of sundry guarantees;
  • private banking and wealth management, including legal counsel and monitoring of the legal routines relating to portfolios of high level of complexity, succession planning and complex investments;
  • issuance of sundry notes and structuring of the corresponding certificates, such as agribusiness and real estate certificates;
  • filing and defense of administrative proceedings before BACEN.

Our compliance activities comprise the evaluation of risks, structuring of compliance program and conduction of training for implementation, performance of anticorruption due diligences in corporate and third-party operations, performance of internal investigations and advisory in lawsuits and administrative proceedings in anticorruption issues.

Our compliance activities comprise the evaluation of risks, structuring of compliance program and conduction of training for implementation, performance of anticorruption due diligences in corporate and third-party operations, performance of internal investigations and advisory in lawsuits and administrative proceedings in anticorruption issues.

Our team responsible for the agreements has extensive legal qualification, continuously seeks for updates and has a business-oriented profile, understanding how the clients operate and what are the challenges in order to provide clear and balanced contractual solutions that protect our clients and reduce the chances of conflicts.

Our experience comprises the structuring, negotiation and preparation of several types of national and international agreements, from simpler to more complex ones, including the adjustment of foreign instruments according to the Brazilian laws, customs and practices.

Our law firm also participates in the development and implementation of contractual policies for purposes of standardization and control of procedures and documents, in addition to contractual due diligences to identify possible deficiencies and ensure the more effective management of the risks involved in the operations carried out by our clients.

Our law firm’s multidisciplinary team includes partners from the environmental management and engineering sectors that support us with preventive consulting, assistance in obtaining environmental permits, contract analysis, supplier vetting based on the three-level liability system, performing due diligence, environmental certification proceedings and implementation of environmental management systems, implementation of socioenvironmental responsibility departments, implementation of corporate environmental education projects.

Supported by a dynamic team with extensive experience in administrative proceedings before several bodies under Direct and Indirect Public Administration, our law firm offers to our clients several services in the administrative and regulatory areas, such as:

  •  complete advisory in bidding processes of several types and in any economy sectors;
  • analysis and preparation of several types of administrative agreements;
  • interpretation and adjustment of the activities to the laws and normative acts established by the bodies under the Direct and Indirect Public Administration;
  • advisory in the contracting of public companies and mixed-capital companies;
  • provision of advisory services to national or foreign clients, in the participation of going private processes, concession of services and public works, Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs), permit and authorization for development and use of public property;
  • advisory, representation and defense in administrative proceedings filed before the oversight bodies under the federal, state and municipal Public Administration, such as ANVISA, ANTAQ, ANTT, INMETRO, ANEEL, ANATEL etc.

Our law firm comprises highly qualified lawyers with vast international experience in the field of sports. Our team is familiar with the most important transactions taking place in the market, as a way to ensure clients the best quality and highest loyalty in the services provided.

We approach Sports Law from its interdisciplinary nature, uniting the most diverse legal competences linked to sports, and including partnerships established nationally and internationally, allowing our clients to obtain better monitoring of the progress of their demands. In addition, our firm is prepared to meet the needs of athletes, agencies, clubs, federations, sports administration bodies, investment funds and other interests of companies involved with the sports product.

Our firm also works with litigation and in dispute resolution by arbitration in doping cases, digital rights platforms, sports betting, and disciplinary administrative issues before the Sports Justice, FIFA, and the Sports Arbitration Tribunal.

Our lawyers are vastly experienced in the structuring, negotiation and implementation of project finance operations, and are prepared to support financing agents, governmental agencies and providers, among other plyers, to mitigate their risk in preparing contracts that originate the receivables of projects financed, as well as other instruments related to the assignment of future cash flows.

Project finance activities include due diligence, obtaining the required authorizations, assistance in negotiations with governmental authorities and establishing guarantees.

Our law firm assists portfolio managers, managers of various types of investment funds, and other asset management service providers, in the structuring of investment funds, in the management of their resources, and in interfacing resources with the fund manager and with CVM, ensuring all obligations imposed to funds, their managers and administrators, are met. The assistance we offer our clients includes, for example:

  • structuring, in partnership with the clients’ technical area, of investment funds (financial assets) and structured investment funds (FIP – interest investment funds, FIDC – credit rights investment funds, FII – real estate investment funds, and other specifically regulated funds);
  • analysis if financial assets, legal risk, and applicable regulatory limits to investment funds;
  • legal assessment of target investments to structured funds, whether corporate interests (FIP), real estate and their income (FII), credit rights (FIDC), among others;
  • preparation of regulations for investment funds and structured investment funds according to legal provisions and self-regulation (ANBIMA);
  • structuring and preparation of contract instruments for fund service providers (e.g. investment consultants, distribution, custody, controllership, and investment risk control and structured investment funds);
  • distribution, structuring and regulation of investment funds and other types of funds;
  • defense and management of administrative proceedings before Bacen, CVM and CRSFN.

We are prepared to provide legal advice in maritime law, including regulatory matters, drafting and negotiating contracts (chartering, construction and purchase, sale of vessels, transport and others), measures for cargo recovery and involving demurrage, damages, among others.

Our lawyers are widely experienced in structuring, negotiating and implementing operations in the capital market, representing financial institutions in charge of structuring operations, issuing of bonds and titles, partnerships, and institutional investors. Our firm offers full service legal assistance to our clients, supporting them not only in structuring operations but also in day-to-day business matters such as:

  • public or private offerings, as well as restricted issuances of bonds or titles, including shares, share deposit certificates, debentures, promissory notes;
  • assistance in establishing, registering, in the distribution and custody of bonds and titles;
  • full legal assistance for publicly traded corporations, from their establishment or initial public offering to defining corporate governance and compliance guidelines, all the way to fulfilling the routines and requirements before the CVM;
  • legal assistance to investment banks and other advisors in the structuring and due diligence processes for their clients’ mergers, acquisitions, and associations;
  • legal support, assessment of legal risk and regulatory limits in asset management operations, purchase and sale of bonds and titles under the regulatory boundaries of each institution or investment vehicle, and investing and divesting resources into bonds and titles, such as shares, simple or complex derivatives, financial bonds, etc.;
  • defense and management of administrative proceedings before the CVM.

Our law firm provides assistance in patent and copyright deposit proceedings and follow-through before the INPI; performs due diligences on patents and utility models; previous record searches to confront coincident brands and identify unexplored fields for brands; provides consultancy on the correct description and use of the brand and its specification; prepares and negotiates intellectual property-related contracts; works in administrative and judicial litigation involving brands, inventions, utility models and industrial designs; manages brand portfolios and other intellectual property rights, including those over third-party brands over which our clients have interests; monitors the submission of identical or similar brands to those of our clients.

Our lawyers also provide assistance in copyright issues, such as granting of copyrights, character licensing and licensing of artistic and musical work, declarations before copyright registration offices of Escola Nacional de Belas Artes (the National School of Fine Arts) and Biblioteca Nacional (the National Library).

Lawyers specializing in insurance and pension are an integral part of our team, and include practical experience working for large insurers in the Country, having deep knowledge of the market and its peculiarities.

We provide assistance to insurers, health insurers and health plan operators, as well as privately owned and publicly held complementary pension entities. Our clients enjoy full legal assistance in corporate and regulatory issues before the Private Insurance Superintendent (SUSEP), the National Health Agency (ANS) and PREVIC – the National Complementary Pension Superintendent (PREVIC), from structuring the company all the way to operations.

By way of example, we assist our clients in issues such as: corporate actions, operations, and reorganization of insurers, health plan operators and complementary pension organizations (including technical insurance due diligence and management of proceedings before regulatory agencies); consultancy in contractual and regulatory matters related to insurance operations in all fields (preparation of technical notes and general conditions, among others), as well as pension operations (including formatting products and defining benefit plans); consultancy in routine business matters in the insurance, health assistance and complementary pension industries, in addition to regulatory matters involving complex losses; working in the defense and monitoring of administrative proceedings before regulatory agencies, SUSEP, ANS and PREVIC.


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