Areas of Expertise

Civil Litigation

Legal solutions involving any civil matter, judicially or extrajudicially, throughout Brazil. On a strategic, innovative and creative basis, our team has comprehensive expertise in the solution of conflicts and management of contingencies, focused on the optimization of expenses.

Always focused on the needs of each company, we understand deeply the businesses and operations of our clients, identifying opportunities and advancing risks, aligned with the current requirements of immediate communication and objective information.

Our lawyers and professionals are always seeking for customized and individualized legal solutions to meet, promptly or completely, the companies’ interests, covering several business areas, under the most complex situations.

In addition, we are supported by an administrative and financial structure that offers benefits and tools that facilitate the strategic and operational management of the lawsuits under our responsibility. Overcoming the difficulties imposed by the complex Brazilian legal system and creating opportunities for faster and satisfactory results, our law firm operates completely directed to the production of results and obtaining of actual gains for the businesses of our clients, characterized by the sophistication and reliability of the services.

The understanding of the several credit and funding instruments, as well as the complex capital compensation systems, covering several business sectors of the economy, guarantee a prominent position to our law firm in the defense of banks and other financial institutions. Supported by skilled teams with adequate recourses to each sector of the banking activities, we have obtained excellent results both in lawsuits involving international and corporate operations, and middle market and consumer credit operations.

By virtue of the coordinate operation of our litigation teams, we are currently able to meet the demanding judicial and extrajudicial needs of important financial institutions and financial groups, upon immediate collection and recovery of assets, as well as immediate defense in connection with lawsuits filed for review and annulment of agreements, guarantees and financial operations.

Our lawyers are qualified to define the strategies for resolution of conflicts involving several types of agreements, from the most complex to the simpler ones. We have an extensive experience in disputes involving technology, telecommunication, customs and health agreements and we count on specialized professionals to act in each one of these segments.

We seek for the assertive conduction of the disputes to solve them in the shortest period and ensuring the best results for our clients.

We count on a specialized team that serves large national and multinational companies in the consumer area, specifically in the food, banking, pharmaceutic, logistics and technology sectors. Our law firm represents our clients both at administrative and judicial levels, acting with excellence before the State Procons and Governmental Consumer portal, in addition to the lawsuits filed by the consumers before the Special Civil Courts and Civil Courts in Brazil.

Based on the strategy developed from the filing of the administrative proceeding to the courts, we support our clients in the disputes involving litigations and administrative agreements. In addition, we have a history of excellent outcomes from the lawsuits filed for annulment of fines and other penalties improperly imposed by public bodies.

The law firm is responsible for the defense of important economic groups, representing their interests in corporate and competition issues. Our lawyers and professionals are familiar with the most complex corporate issues, as well as the daily issues, in several corporate structures and models.

In addition to the complete understanding of the disputes that are frequently decided by the courts, such as the exclusion of partners and calculation of amounts, cancellation of resolutions undertaken at the shareholders’ meetings and quotaholder meetings, capital increases and dilution of equity interests, attribution of responsibility and removal of directors and executive officers, amongst others, our lawyers and professionals also have the notable capacity of negotiation, as the best alternative for resolution of crisis that may impact the company’s survival and maintenance of its operations.

Our team responsible for civil lawsuits also provides support involving the defense of competition, economic concentration and market concentration, including the support for operations of acquisition, merger, joint ventures, associations and other types of business groups, both at judicial level and administrative level, involving measures for prevention against violations of the economic order, such as the Administrative Council of Economic Order (CADE) and the Economic Law Secretariat under the Ministry of Justice (SDE).

Our law firm is proud of being one of the pioneers in Brazil in the protection of the companies’ interests by means of mediation and arbitration, upon enactment of Law 9307/96. In addition, our law firm has extensive experience in the conduction of arbitration proceedings in conformity with the rules established by the international entities, such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the American Arbitration Association, amongst others, acting individually or in conjunction with renowned US or European law firms. In addition, we have successfully acted before the Legal Courts in disputes addressing the validity of the arbitration agreements and awards, as well as in the execution of the decisions and obtaining of preliminary injunctions that protect our clients’ interests.

In addition, our law firm has represented the interests of several companies in connection with the requests for recognition of foreign arbitration awards. In this context, in addition to the support offered to our clients in the obtaining of all documents deemed necessary for the approval of foreign arbitration awards, our lawyers and professionals have extensive experience with the objections usually presented, with deep knowledge of the awards already determined by the Higher Courts and applicable rules, including international agreements, such as the Agreements of New York, Panama and Montevideo.

In view of our current economic scenario, the filing of judicial recovery lawsuits has increased, including extrajudicial recovery agreements, by companies facing financial difficulties, upon application in Brazil of the provisions set forth in the US law, the “Chapter 11”. The specific characteristics of the Brazilian law and the extension of the discussions represented a significant opportunity for us to become one of the most innovative law firms in this area, being recognized for the obtaining of decisions that are fully favorable to our clients, both creditors seeking for receipt of the credits and debtors seeking for reorganization through judicial recovery.

Supported by experts and economists, our lawyers and professionals understand all stages and procedures involved in the judicial recoveries, including not solely the preparation of the legal documents but also in the representation of our clients at meetings and negotiation of the conditions that are most favorable to our clients’ interests, in conformity with applicable law in force.

We are widely recognized for our credit recovery strategy, including in our portfolio several successful cases. Supported by lawyers and professionals with extensive experience in credit recovery, in addition to researchers and investigators, we act with intensity and accuracy, identifying and developing judicial and extrajudicial measures to produce immediate advantages to our clients, impacting the debtors and, therefore, forcing them to negotiate the debts. Our differentials include:

  • previous analysis of the equity and business condition of each debtor for purposes of definition of the judicial and extrajudicial measures to be adopted in each case;
  • conduction of execution lawsuits, enforcement lawsuits, collection lawsuits, seizures, attachments, searches and seizures, repossessions, bankruptcy requests and other legal measures;
  • focus on the solution agreed in connection with each case, upon agreements entered into with the debtors and the client, through telephone calls and meetings;
  • search and location of persons and properties, in Brazil, both for previous determination of the debtor’s equity condition and execution of preliminary injunctions and judicial orders, with the coordination of the work of researchers and notary offices.
    Preparation of recovery reports that clearly and accurately indicate the debtor’s condition and the likelihood of credit receipt.

Our professionals are fully familiar with the several legal provisions that characterize the civil responsibility and have obtained, in practice, decisions that are fully favorable to our clients. Based on the detailed analysis of each case, the preparation of efficient defenses and the diligent work for production of evidence and allegations, at all levels, our law firm has obtained favorable decisions on behalf of our clients, avoiding convictions or, however the case may be, the significant reduction of indemnities.

We have also acted in the attribution of third-party responsibility for the damages caused against our clients, under agreements or not. In this case, our work begins before the filing of the lawsuit, preceded by a careful analysis of all documents, information and other items deemed necessary for the definition of the other party’s civil responsibility and calculation of the respective indemnity, which work is solely concluded after the receipt of the total amount due to our clients.


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