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Paula Corina Santone


Specialist in labor relations with solid experience in litigation and legal advisory, with an outstanding background and professional career. She has worked in renowned law firms. In the business sector, she worked in the legal department of a financial institution, which allowed her to acquire first-hand knowledge of the challenges that their clients faced and the expectations and needs they seek to meet with their partner offices. Focused on strategic matters involving the Union and the Labor Public Prosecution Office, Paula also has an extensive experience with the creation and implementation of variable compensation and officer compensation policies, profit sharing plans, structuring of benefit policies, issues related to occupational medicine and safety, employment and service contracts. Author of the book “Arbitragem nos conflitos individuais do trabalho,” as well as several articles and periodicals published in the legal media in general.

  • Advisory to a client in the communications and telephony industry concerning the structuring of an agreement policy, and direct experience in reduction of labor liabilities and contingencies, which resulted in savings of approximately BRL 15,000,000.00 in one sole fiscal year.
  • Advisory to the pharmaceutical industry in the negotiations and drafting of a collective bargaining agreement to rule the remote work and “home office” work scheme in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing greater legal certainty to the client’s category.
  • Advisory to a client in the beverage industry in a civil investigation and subsequent public civil action involving occupational medicine and safety issues resulting from a work accident at the factory, which caused two employees to burn to death. The result was dismissed in the public civil action, with the withdrawal of the pleaded collective pain and suffering of BRL 2,000,000.00, as well as the affirmative and negative covenants.
  • Master in Procedural Sciences from the Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.
  • Specialist in labor law from PUC/SP – COGEAE.
  • Bachelor of Laws from PUC/SP.

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