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Change in the tax treatment of remittances abroad for payment of technical services and technical assistance with or without transfer of technology

By Daniela Cristina Ismael Floriano On June 20, 2014, Statement of Interpretation No. 5/2014 was published to provide for the new tax treatment of payments made by payers located in Brazil to individuals or legal entities […]

Measures to encourage small and medium companies to go public

By Luciana Maria Agoston Burr As anticipated by our firm at an event held jointly with BM&FBovespa on May 8, 2014, Provisional Measure (local acronym MP) No. 651, published on July 10, 2014 provides for, among […]

RAYES & FAGUNDES EM SEMINÁRIO SOBRE PLR – O direito adquirido, a ultratividade das normas coletivas e sua aplicabilidade sobre o tema “PLR – PARTICIPAÇÃO NOS LUCROS E RESULTADOS”

A Dra. Paula Santone, sócia e coordenadora da área trabalhista do escritório Rayes & Fagundes Advogados Associados, foi convidada pela Central Prática para palestrar sobre PLR – O direito adquirido, a ultratividade das normas coletivas e […]

Dividends: What changes with Law No. 12,973/14?

Por Rodrigo Lara The introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Brazil in 2008 brought significant changes to the accounting rules governing companies, including the calculation of net profit, which is used to calculate […]